What is a virtual congress?


As known, Turkey IV. Scientific and Technical Petroleum Congress was planned by TMMOB Chamber of Petroleum Engineers on 13-15 April 2020 in METU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department. However, the Congress could not be held on the specified date and postponed to October 2020 due to COVID-19, which turned into an epidemic and affected the whole world.

In addition, the unfavorable epidemic conditions became more severe, uncertain and unpredictable in this period; consequently, made it impossible for the Congress to be held in the rescheduled time and location.

Under the ongoing circumstances, the Organizing Committee of Congress and Board of Petroleum Engineers Chamber have decided to arrange the Turkey IV. Scientific and Technical Petroleum Congress online on 18-20 November 2020 and has completed all preparations within this scope.

We believe that this congress will respond the essential needs of our industry such that all partners in the petroleum and geothermal sectors will share their knowledge and experience in the context of academic, technical, and legislation by considering local and global developments.

Both the recent important gas discovery in the Black Sea and an active player of the Eastern Mediterranean developments being recently discussed, Turkey is an important crude oil and natural gas consumer and stands among the most developed markets with its physical and legal infrastructure. It has been targeted to increase the local exploration and production investments which are still very limited in onshore and offshore licensee by Turkish Petroleum Law, legislations and the regulations of energy market. Within the framework of technical and scientific developments, there exists a need for close watch and contribution to the domestic petroleum industry.

In order to serve this purpose, Turkey IV. Scientific and Technical Petroleum Congress will bring together academia, public institutions, market leaders, service and engineering companies and provide opportunity for participants to share their knowledge, experiences, new technologies and approaches through keynote speeches, workshops, academic papers, poster presentations, and exhibitions. The Congress will also be playing host students to SPE Student Paper Contest in which petroleum and natural gas engineering students from universities take place.

The high rate import fossil fuels dependency of Turkey's energy portfolio has resulted in growing tendency on geothermal resources in the last two decades, and the investments have increased accordingly. Consequently, the geothermal sector together with the related technology and developments should be followed closely in the view of our profession, and required contribution to this sector should be provided.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we kindly invite you to participate online in the Congress, spread scientific gains thru presenting paper, share your professional experiences with the relevant industry, and take part in the virtual exhibition for expanding new technologies.

Hoping to meet you online during the Turkey IV. Scientific and Technical Petroleum Congress will be held on 18-20 November 2020 in which your participation will contribute significantly.

With best regards,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Mehmet KUL